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Plagued by visions from childhood, never did she think it would lead to witnessing the massacre of her high school classmates first-hand, and the coldblooded murder of her father - in the same day.


Two years later, she is living in a remote village in Alaska with what’s left of her family. She believed she would be safe here.


She was wrong.


Her premonitions return, dark, disturbing, and deeply connected.


They’ve also brought her an unexpected task, to raise an abandoned polar bear cub found at the scene of a grisly murder.


Encouraged by new friends, as well as an ever-strengthening bond between herself and bear cub, Fjord, Penny must tear down her protective walls to harness the true scope of her gift.


Or, stay a prisoner of her mind forever.

Release date June 23, 2020

with Darkstroke Books



Reviewed By Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite


"She would like to prevent just one. Save one. Although, would it make up for anything? The lives snuffed out? Her father’s death? These questions she replayed over and over but without resolution." In Inside Voices by Sarah Davis, Penelope ‘Penny’ Osborn is a young woman who has a premonition skill that takes a toll on her mentally and physically. She foresaw a massacre that killed and wounded her schoolmates in high school, which also led to the devastating loss of her father. Her twin sister Lucy becomes her closest confidant to get her through the hardship. A couple of years later, the family relocates to Alaska. Penny sees a chance for a new beginning and to better deal with her PTSD. However, when several women are mysteriously murdered, the local community is agitated and Penny fears that the killer cannot be stopped.

Inside Voices is about trauma, healing, and trusting one’s ability to overcome the obstacles. Penny's regret is easily understandable; what good would her visions do if she cannot prevent deaths and save lives? Her sister Lucy has been her emotional support, literally, due to the way they communicate with each other. As the plot deepens, readers will find that the complexity of Penny's premonitions, her bond with her twin, and the unexpected responsibility of taking care of an orphaned polar bear cub lead to interesting developments in terms of her resolution, her relationship with people around her, and a potential love interest. Despite her past ordeal and the malevolence that lurks in the shadows, the protagonist still finds hope, love, and joy from others. Strong characterization and solid plot twists; this is a commendable thriller from Sarah Davis.

Reviewed By Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite


In Inside Voices by Sarah Davis, Penny Osborn is witness to a violent massacre at her California high school and then learns of her father’s own death in a subsequent attack on the medical facility where he is employed. The world has gone mad, fueling a desire to move as far from Pasadena, Ca as possible. Anchorage, Alaska is the perfect place. After enrolling in the graduate program at Anchorage University, Penny and her veterinarian mother jump at the opportunity to study and work in the tundra, tagging polar bears. As Penny adjusts to the remote territory, she finds the solace she needs. As long as her twin Lucy is near and her adopted polar bear cub is safe, Penny begins to rebuild her life, while the visions keep her alert of impending danger.

What do you get when a giant polar bear, a mysterious murderer, and a psychic set of identical twins are thrown together in the desolate Alaskan countryside? An irresistible story of adventure, romance, and survival. Inside Voices by Sarah Davis is packed full of vivid imagery and compelling story twists. As the main character recovers from the tragedies of her past life, she learns a valuable lesson, which she shares with others in her life: “The only one who can make me happy is me. Other people’s negativity is a waste of their own energy, not mine. We are in control of our own thoughts and feelings.” Inside Voices is an inspirational novel that touches readers of all ages. A plethora of themes creates a surprisingly fluid, well-constructed tale to grace the shelves of any library.

Reviewed By Susan Sewel for Readers’ Favorite


A young marine biology student is struggling to rebuild her life after a tragic shooting in the thrilling suspense novel, Inside Voices by Sarah Davis. Identical twins, Lucy and Penny have always been able to communicate telepathically. However, unlike Lucy, Penny has other abilities. Not only can she communicate with animals, but she also has premonitions of tragic events. In her senior year, Penny witnesses and survives a school shooting twice. Once in a nightmare, and again the following day in reality. Sadly, her dream didn't include her father's death. Grief-stricken, Penny continues with her studies to become an Arctic marine biologist. She and her mother join a USGS research team, and the small family moves to Alaska. However, as soon as they arrive, Penny starts having disturbing nightmares of a shadowy man. When a murder coincides with her dreams, Penny is uncertain about what she should do. In the past, she was only a spectator, but now she has Lucy's encouraging voice to advise her. Have things changed? Can Penny's visions make a difference?

Inside Voices by Sarah Davis is a gripping suspense novel that has many intriguing twists and turns. Opening with a heart-stopping scene, the storyline's intrigue and apprehension continue to gather momentum until it snowballs into an unexpected and electrifying conclusion. Skillfully written, the convoluted plot combined with outstanding characters creates an unputdownable book. Filled with intense and riveting scenes, I loved every aspect of the story! It is a fantastic book, and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a breathtaking suspense novel with a dash of drama and a hint of the paranormal.

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