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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Some friends were chatting about less than perfect horrid hotel experiences. Have you ever stayed in a hotel room that, I don’t know, had black mold on the bathroom ceiling or noisy neighbors? What are those experiences but memories to last a whole life through...

While vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, my husband decided the family needed to take an overnight trip to our new favorite spot, Sayulita. A quick search and he found a place big enough for our family of five right on the beach for an overnighter. And it was CHEAP!

What could go wrong?

Let me just say that we love Sayulita! Such an awesome little town. Bohemian. Laid back. Not many tourists.

Have I mentioned that my youngest, Juliet, is a published writer? “The Vegetarian Bat” (available on Amazon). She wrote the story when she was nine and self-published it for a 4H project. (Psst, she won a grand champion award for the book and two grands for her performance of the story. And she is currently trying to raise money through her book sales to donate to the local food shelter.)

Anyway, I could tell you about staying in that…place by the beach, but my daughter captured it best in a poem.

With her permission, I would love to share it with you.


By Juliet Davis

© 2020

Sayulita, a hippy town in Mexico

Me and my family stayed a night

In a hotel in Sayulita

For one night because

My dad thought it would be

A nice place to stay

One bathroom

2 twin beds

1 queen

And 1 king bed

Perfect right? Home sweet home? Wrong wrong

It was Gross

The hotel had everything it said but there was not

The upper half of the wall for around half of the room

The only thing it had for the wall was curtains

But that did not keep the bugs out

Ants everywhere!

I mean everywhere

It was too late to get a taxi

So we had to stay there

My mom was hoping there was not bed bugs

She was thinking I make too much money to stay in this place.

We laid towels (from our resort)

Down before we laid down on the beds

Everyone had a hard time sleeping because

There were cats crying out

A band playing until 1am then another at 4am

Water dripping out of the faucet

Birds squawking like honking horns

Fireworks going off

And the bed was a rock

The most sleep I got was 3 hours

When I got up, I was thankful the night was over

When we got to the resort

I was happy to get a good night’s sleep

How awesome is my little writer? She took some liberties, maybe didn’t elaborate on several other disturbing features because it was for a classroom assignment…like the “rat” hole in the canopy over the king-sized bed, or the fact momma slept on the concrete bench so she could keep an eye on the unlockable door (or her use of cuss words). The cats weren’t crying. Daddy giggled until he cried. There was a puking 5 am parking lot visitor who appeared shortly after the second live band stopped playing a block over. The beach fireworks sounded like canons (or gunshots) at midnight, and 1 am, and 1:30, and 2:15.

Yep, I would stay there again.


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