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Diary of Fjord...Life and Times of a Polar Bear Cub

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

My tummy rumbles as I wake inside my dark, cozy cave. I snuggle into the warm fuzzy blanket that smells like momma bear. Then, realizing there is a nagging itch on my back, I roll over and wriggle the itch away.

The hunger grows and my cries echo my thoughts.

Momma! Momma!

I hear her response in my mind. My momma bear. She is coming! My excitement climbs so high, one day I will fly like a bird.

I wish she stayed with me in the darkness and held me close like she does when it is light out.

Bright light floods my nest, blinding me. I blink until I see my momma bear. Smooth and pale, her hair sparse on her face but thick and long on the top of her head. I bat playfully at the long stray hairs that sometimes tickle my nose, careful of her smooth skin. My claws are sharp and I know she doesn't like to be scratched. Airborne, I soar into her warm embrace.

Hungry! Hungry! My tummy rumbles louder.

"Hey, big guy! I know. I hear you, hungry beasty."

I snuggle into her warm chest and she strokes my face. Her touch distracts my tummy grumbles. I close my eyes and nose her hand.

"Oh, such a sweet little guy. I have to put you down, Fjord. Just for a little bit, okay? You are too big to hold. And much too wormy!'

She laughs as I squirm and roll on the cool, smooth floor. It is very slippery here, so I roll to a black mat near Momma Bear where I can stand. My legs sometimes don't listen to me and I trip a lot. Sometimes I trip just to hear Momma Bear laugh. Her laugh is the brightest sound that energizes me.

Although she showed her teeth to me this morning, I sense her sadness. There is darkness in her, too, that scares me. But not as much as the sadness.

I whimper and paw at her leg. She is so powerful, standing for hours on her back legs. I struggle with walking on four.

Momma Bear. Be laughing, Momma Bear. I'm here so your sadness can go away. A hurt presses on my heart.

A bit of the sadness leaves, but it doesn't go very far. I can see it in her mind, lingering by the oppressive darkness. She speaks calming words in my head and the strange ache in my heart lessens, but I know the sadness will return. It always does.

Shh, your food will be done soon. She rubs my back. Her back rubs are incredible. The dark-haired male that sometimes feeds me gives good back scratches. Momma Bear's are the best, though. They are so good they push her sadness away. I lean into her leg wanting more.

Okay, Momma Bear. Okay. I will wait like a good little Baby Bear. My tummy won't wait, but I will.

Shut up, you grumbling tummy! I growl.

Oh, my ball!

Cherry red, it lays in wait over by the cold closet filled with treats. Exposed. A motionless observer of my hunger. Mocking. Vile Temptress.

I look up to find Momma Bear isn't ready.

Go on, go play! Momma Bear encourages me.

A few minutes then to stalk the Temptress.

However, once off the black mat, my feet slide out and before I know it, I am sprawled out on the slick surface. I will not succumb to this hindrance. Rolling it is!

I love rolling. And I'm excellent at it! Momma Bear says so.

Before the bloody orb escapes, I turn into it and seize it with all four paws. It doesn't struggle! Ha ha! I bite at it, but my mouth is too small yet to kill the jeering escape artist.

One day.

A hairy, grey creature intervenes, pushing against my ball with his nose and teeth. His blue eyes laugh at me. Be gone, foul creature! I growl my most aggressive snarl and bite his leg. His tongue lolls and saliva drips on my face. Rawwr!”

Fjord, breakfast is ready. Momma Bear calls to me in my head as well with her voice. It isn't nice to kill the dog before breakfast, she reminds me.

I show her my catch that the dog was unable to take from me. She pulls it away and it rolls further from me as I am lifted. I see the evil Blue set to play with it. Foiled once again.

Oh well. He isn't that bad of a dog. I think I will let him play with it until after I eat.

Back in her arms, Momma Bear holds me close and offers me my milk. My tummy gurgles in delight. I smell fish and muktuk and am excited for special treats for dessert!

Eating this morning is a feat that I almost don't make it through to the finish. My last bit of fish still in my mouth, I begin to doze.

Wake up sleepy bear, Momma says in my head.

Yes, yes, must finish....


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